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Travel the Valleys of Wiltshire

Wiltshire is a county situated in the south-west of England. It is landlocked and borders the counties of Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. The ancient city was Wilton, but since 1930 has been Trowbridge, Wiltshire Council where it is based.

Wiltshire Down land has high and wide valleys. Salisbury Plain is famous as the location of the stone circle of Stonehenge and other ancient monuments, and as the main training camp in the United Kingdom, the British Army.

Wiltshire is a region without a coastline and a city; many may seem a simple space you pass through the West Country. Wiltshire, but is much more, the ancient landscapes can lift your spirit and arouse the curiosity - the track ways crossing Salisbury Plain and Marlborough Downs was known to travelers, even before the main features of the prehistoric Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill have been created. Stonehenge is a world heritage site, its orientation on the rise, and if the sun is a major feature.

The focus is South Salisbury, Wiltshire, from any direction you approach, the 14th century; the cathedral spire makes it an essential stop. Salisbury can rightly claim to be one of the most attractive England towns, surrounded by hills of chalk with a corollary of charming villages and the meeting point for rivers Ebble, Wylye, Avon and Bourne. Just west of Salisbury, Wilton, the ancient capital of Wessex, retains the name of the Saxon tribes in which the province takes its name.

Wiltshire is also a region of large houses, some of the most beautiful, of which the grounds of great beauty are Wilton House, Mompesson House, Breamore House, Stourhead, Bowood House and Lacock Abbey. Longleat, home of the Marquess of Bath, also boasts the first safari park to be open in Europe in 1966, and has the world's largest Hedge Maze.

Hiding has a wide range of delightful cottages in Wiltshire and in the city, the cathedral of Salisbury. You will find a full description of each cottage by selecting the name on the left side. Until the availability and prices can be checked, and you can book online using our secure server.

Hiding has many other holiday homes to rent throughout the South of England, during a Cotswold Cottage, cottage in Herefordshire, accommodation in Bath, Brighton, Salisbury, Stratford-upon-Avon and Ludlow.

Enjoy the freedom of a country cottage in Wiltshire, England, where you can relax in comfort and please do something, no fixed meal. The Blakes Holiday cottages offer a guarantee that you can choose between the houses of housing quality, ensuring the highest standards of comfort, luxury and care, enabling you to enjoy your holiday without stress problems.

Situated on the Wiltshire borders in the famous Donhead, this former 18th-century dairy was rebuilt in a large farmhouse, with extensive rural views. E 'fully equipped, comfortably furnished and ideal for family holidays a year in this beautiful area. The ancient Saxon town of Shaftesbury hill, with its well-known cobbled Gold Hill, is just 4 km away.

Shortly, there is much more fun for your holiday.

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