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Peak District

The Peak District is a district in northern England that is mostly in Derbyshire. In 1951, most of the District was declared a national park. The Peak District National park was the first National Park in Britain. There you will find Dark Peak in the north and White Peak in the South. Many of the grist stone peaks have been rounded by erosion.

There are 555 square miles in the National Park. Many of the large cities are excluded from the park but several smaller towns and villages are included in the park. British national parks differ from American national parks in that the former allows some development, but it is restricted in order to preserve the area. Private development is not allowed in American national parks and the government owns all the lands. Only a few apartments are allowed in American national parks for staff members.

In the dark peak area one finds the blanket bog environment and heather moorland. The main land use in the area is for hunting grouse and grazing sheep. In the White Peak area there is more farming and dairy use of the land. Eight percent of the park is forestland.

Most jobs for park residents are related to tourism, although quarrying and manufacturing are important to the economy also.

This area has been settled since the Mesolithic era. The Romans mined the area taking lead. Grazing of sheep was a primary use of the land from the medieval times. Many metals were mined from the marble in the hills from the 16 th century until the last mine of major consequences closed in 1939.

Cottages in the Peak district are built of the native stone. Many are very old. Some were at one time carriage houses, barns or stables while others were homes on a manor. Most have been renovated and are very modern inside. Many of the cottages have laundry facilities.

With Peak District offering the option to stay in cottages many people are traveling here so they can not only have a vacationing experience but also have the ability to feel at home while staying here. The cottages will vary with elegance and luxury depending on the location and the amount of your stay but you are guaranteed going to love the experience you have while staying in one of them.

Peak District offers a lot to its visitors and also the people that live here all year around whether you want to experience the beauty of the scenic backgrounds surrounding you or walking throughout the many elegant little shops. There is something for everyone in Peak District that has allowed this place to become a true hot spot for traveling destinations.

Experience the history and scenic beauty behind Peak District in one of the many cottages and make this a vacation you will remember forever. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are when visiting Peak District as there is something for everyone in amongst this astounding location.

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