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Northumberland is a unitary district and a ceremonial country at the northern tip of England. Northumberland is located on the Scottish border of England and historically is an area where many battles were fought with the Scotts. In order to fight those battles numerous castles were built. In fact, in Northumberland County, there are more castles than in any other county in the rest of the U.K.

The landscape of Northumberland is very flat and low in the costal area, but the terrain is very steep and rough in the interior. The andesine lava and granite hills are very resistant to erosion. A favorite with painters, this moorland has been set apart as a national park. This rural county has the least population density of any area in England today. The historical significance and scenic beauty of Northumberland has lead to an increase in tourism during recent years.

Coal mined from Northumberland made possible the industrial revolution in the rest of England. Coal was so abundant in the area that often chunks of coal were washed onto the beaches by the action of the waves. This coal became known as sea coal.

The Northumberland Nations Park, most of which has an elevation of over 800 feet (240 meters) covers approximate ¼ of the county. The economy of Northumberland is weak when compared to other counties in the U.K. and is mainly dependant on tourism. There are traditions found in Northumberland that are not found in other parts of England. These include the Northumberland small pipe, the Clog dance and the rapper sword dance.

Cottages in Northumberland can be found in the countryside as well as in fishing villages. In fishing villages the cottages often have wonderful sea views but may also be apartments. In the country side cottages are often associated with a manor. Some cottages are converted barns that have been refurbished to very comfortable cottages. Most cottages offer laundry facilities.

For a person never being to Northumberland before you will not know what to expect at first, but you’ll quickly fall in love with this beautiful place. You will not only experience the history of England, but the history of Scotland allowing you to have a two for one vacation. There is much history behind such a small little area that has attracted thousands of visitors each and every year.

With the ability to stay in your own cottage while visiting Northumberland you can avoid having to deal with other tourists on your visit and have a more relaxed feel to everything. It will be like having your own home except you are not staying here forever. There are instances where you may want to purchase a cottage to stay in Northumberland whenever you want and this is something that is becoming available more often. The popularity of this wondrous place is increasing with many people wanting to live here instead of vacationing here, and the communities of Northumberland are prepared to help you out.

Visit Northumberland and see England off the beaten path.

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