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When you tire of the fast pace of life in London, travel to Norfolk and take life a bit easier. Located in northeast England, Norfolk is accessible by car, bus, train or plane. Norfolk’s gentle slopes also make for easy travel within the district by bicycle.

You will find wonderful fresh seafood. At the local farmers market you will be amazed at the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. If sea food is not on your menu tonight you will also find succulent beef and tasty Norfolk turkey. While you are welcome to take all these fresh ingredients to your cottage to prepare your own grommet meal, you are on vacation. Relax; enjoy a meal at one of the many fine pubs or restaurants that use the very same fresh ingredients to prepare a meal for you. Try one of the many fine ales and strong beers from the local microbreweries.

In Norwich visit Jarrolds Department Store, a family business that has operated continuously since 1823. In the villages you will find antique shops, art galleries, craft outlets delis and sea side gift shops. Why not take a scheduled tour along one of the rivers or simply get lost in a maze and then try to find your way out. There are many beautiful gardens located in Norfolk just waiting for your visit. Do not forget about golf or a day at the horse races. Most importantly and probably the reason you chose to come to Norfolk, relax and spend some time on the beautiful beaches and watch the sunset and the sunrise.

For your lodging needs in Norfolk choose one of many available cottages. Whether you want to stay in coast or on the coast the options are available. You can even have the chance to feel like royalty when you take advantage of one of the many cottages available all across Norfolk. Choose a cottage in an elevated position that has views of open farmland. Some cottages have balconies that overlook your own private garden. Try a visit in a cottage that has undergone a resurrection from a former life as church from the 1800’s or a barn from the 1700’s and now are comfortable and modern for your enjoyment.

With Norfolk offering much to its visitors it is impossible not to find something to do while you are staying in this beautiful place. Having the ability to escape from the busy life that you may experience in London is especially something you will do when you are in Norfolk. Sit back and relax looking out onto the beautiful hills and scenery that surrounds this wondrous place.

Each year people travel to Norfolk to have the chance to finally experience everything London has to offer without all the busyness you find when visiting London. You can sit back in one of the local pubs and have a few pints of ale with a few friends or travel across the slopes that will lead you through some of the most relaxing scenic areas around.

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