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Lake District

The beautiful Lake District served as inspiration to poet William Wadsworth and the lake poets. This area is popular with tourist since the late 1600’s is a U shaped valley carved by glaciers as they moved through England thousands of years ago. Throughout the valley of this area you will find many lakes, springs and streams all throughout giving a feel of beauty and elegance.

Due to the maritime climate, the Lake District enjoys moderate temperature differences throughout the year, although there is often rain may at times be strong winds. Many villages are sheltered and only rarely experience these strong winds.

One of the greatest draws to the Lake District is the wildlife. Some species of both animals and plants are unique to England. For many years, the Lake District was home to Britain’s only nesting pair of Golden Eagles. The male still remains, although the female has not been seen in several years.

Throughout the district you will find remains of ancient churches and abbeys as well as preserved churches that are still in use today. You will find several stone circles in the district, although the most famous of these, Stonehenge is located is Wiltshire. These monuments point back to a much earlier time in history.

The Lake District National Park covers over 2,200 square kilometers. It offers a multitude of hiking trails and includes the highest mountain in England. Here you will find cascading waterfalls, sheer bluffs, mountains and of course, lakes.

Cottages are available throughout the Lake District in the Lake District National park. Many of these cottages are made of native stone and may be two to three hundred years old or even older. They have been thoroughly renovated and you will find the interiors to be very modern. A majority of these cottages include laundry facilities. A cottage allows you to set your own schedule. There is no need to be dressed at a certain time for breakfast, because most cottages are self catering.

If you are considering making Lake District your home after traveling here many of times then you’ll really want to get into the cottage areas of this wondrous place. You don’t only have to get a cottage up within the Lake District National park as cottages are available all across the area. Having the freedom you’ve always wanted within your very own cottage will really allow you to enjoy the beauty behind Lake District.

Each and every year many people travel to and from Lake District to see what all the hype is about, and when they leave they finally have an understanding as to why many poets were able to write masterpieces while visiting. Lake District’s scenic areas really allow the mind to be set free for all stresses of life and have the ability to let yourself relax. It won’t matter how much you have going on because when you visit Lake District it will all be blown away by the hidden beauties everywhere you look.

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