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The first time Derbyshire sent members to Parliament was in the year 1290.  The right to vote was extended to men owning property that had a value of 2 pounds or more.  During the times of Queen Elizabeth, the Cavendish family held power.  After their reign the Dukes of Devonshire ruled.  The great reform act of 1832 divided the county into Southern Derbyshire and Northern Derbyshire.

In Derbyshire there are many villages and towns as well as the Peak District National Park.  Villages and towns in north Derbyshire are sometimes distant.  Native stone is used to build many of these cities.

The southern portion of Derbyshire, the lowlands is primarily agricultural.   Rivers provide water for the rich soil.  The stone of the northern region is rare here and homes are typically built of red brick. 

Along the River Trent were built as early as the year 1000 by the Anglo Saxons who settled her at that time.  Castles that no longer exist were built later.  Towns and villages tended to grow up surrounding these castles.  Other villages were developed as the property of a king.  These agricultural villages were simple and may have only had a mill a church and a few farms.

Modern villages tend to have a central meeting place.  It may be a shop, village hall, pub, church or school.  The closing of a shop, village school or post office often dampens the vibrant spirit of a community.

Vacation cottages tend to reflect the architecture of the cottages described above, native stone in the north and red brick in the south.  They may be found along a river or in the country side.  Some are very old but most have been renovated to modern standards.  Most have laundry facilities available.

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