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County Durham

County Durham is a county located in nothern England.  It is a ceremonial county and the county town is also named Durham.  Although the county is officially named Durham, the common name County Durham is used to avoid confusion with the city.  The parctice of placing the word “County” before the name is more common in Ireland. 

County Durham has been by many groups during England’s history.  Settlers in County Durham have included the Romans, the Angles, the Saxons and the Normans.  In 1093, while the leading British center of Christianity was in Northumbria, the church built Durham Cathedrial.

William the Conquror installed the Bishops of Durham after the Norman Conquests.  These men were both church and political leaders.  They oversaw courts, coined the money, enlisted armys, and collected taxes until 1536 when Henrey VIII becacame king.   

In County Durham you will find opportunity to walk along a pier in a fishing village or stroll along the many beaches.  In the winter time you may see the beauty of snow covered fields but summer sometimes brings beautiful blue skys.  Average highs range frm the mid 40’s in the winter to the mid 50’s in the summer.  When the rain begins to end and the clouds break you can often see a perfect rainbow.  Watch a wonderful sunset over the ocean or hike along the many rivers and streams.

Summer cottages are avalable for your vacation.  These cottages may be located along the sea shore or in the country.  They may be apartments or stand alone cottages.  Some cottages have stood since 1600.  Other cottages are renovated barns form a former manor.  Inside most cottages have warmly decorated rooms that are thouroughly modern.  Most cottages have laundry facilities.  Just as Londoneers have done for generations, escape the heat of the city in your own summer cottage.

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