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Enjoying the Symphony of Cornwall

Being a part of the United Kingdom, Cornwall has its explicit identity. It is situated at the tip of the south-western peninsula of Great Britain and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in north, by the English Channel to south and by the county of Devon over the River Tamar to the east.

The only of city Cornwell, Truro is its administrative centre and trade capital. This country being a part of the Brythonic region of Britain separated itself from the Wales after the Battle of Deorham. Although decline in mining and fishing industries shattered Cornwall’s economy over the period, this country changed its destiny by developing itself as a hub of European tourism. This region is famous due to its geographical beauty. The wild moorland landscapes, widespread coastlines and mild climate makes this place a sought after tourist destination.

Cornwall is today considered one of the six Celtic nations of Europe. It has maintained its distinct identity with rich history, language, culture and tourist advancements. This country is in the limelight because of its beautiful beaches and rocky coastline. Its uplands are surrounded by fertile and pastoral farmland. The deep wooded valleys near south coast are excellent places to visit. Carboniferous rocks also known as the Culm Measures in the northeastern region of Cornwall makes its beauty twofold.  

Geologically this country has unique identity. The Lizard peninsula is amazing. It is the only example of an ophiolite in the mainland Britain. Entire peninsula here is full of dark green and red Precambrian serpentine rocks forming a spectacular cliff which makes this country extremely exploring and worth visiting. This country also offers excellent shopping experience. You can have the Kynance Cove and carved and polished serpentine ornaments in the local markets which can hardly be found anywhere else. Another distinction of this country is that it is home to rare plant, Cornish Heath which has now been adopted as a national flower of Cornwall.  

A38 is the main road which links Cornwall and the rest of Great Britain. It crosses through the Tamar at Plymouth via the Tamar Bridge crossing the Saltash town. A39 is another road which is also famous as Atlantic Highway which reaches to Barnstaple by passing through North Cornwall until Falmouth. The Royal Albert Bridge is the famous rail bridge of this country which was built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel in 1859. Newquay Airport connects Cornwall to the rest of the UK and Ireland.

The economy of Cornwall today depends heavily on its tourist industry which is nearly a quarter of its total economy. The unique culture, spectacular landscape and mild climate make this country a popular tourist destination. Its wonderful beaches and cliffs stretching at miles attract the tourists. The moorland country gardens and wooded valleys are other attractions for its five million tourists which visit this country each year.

But most importantly this country is known for its cottage setups which attract the tourists at the level best. Many such level house cottages makes this place a unique experience to enjoy momentous moments in a truly rural set up.

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