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For those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Lincolnshire has much to offer you. This rural area of England is served mainly by single roads. Agriculture is the major livelihood of most full time residents of Lincolnshire. Here you will find beautiful well manicured fields of oilseed rape, sugar beets, barley and wheat. Further south you will find fields of cabbage, onions and cauliflower.

Transportation in Lincolnshire less developed than in other parts of England. Since Lincolnshire is mainly rural there is only limited public transportation, although it is possible to travel to London by train and there is a small international airport in Kirmington that serves all of Lincolnshire. Limited bus service is also available throughout Lincolnshire. There is also a Sustran bicycle path that connects Boston in the southern part of Lincolnshire to Lincoln.

Coastal towns and resorts account for most tourism in Lincolnshire. These towns provide beaches and leisure activities. In south Lincolnshire visitors will find many species of birds and even a native seal colony. In rural Lincolnshire fishing and shooting are very popular activities

In Lincoln there is a summer Gala that takes place each and every year usually in mid July. During this Gala people will take part in tours throughout the Lincoln castle, many different activities for the children, and also some astounding water displays throughout. Near the end of October people visiting and living in Lincolnshire will also get to experience their annual Sausage Festival make right from their localized pork from the many farmers throughout.

Every Sunday in Lincolnshire is a day of relaxation and many of the smaller communities and towns happen to shut everything down for their Sunday’s. There are also some places that still close their doors early on Thursdays for a little extra relaxation before two of the busier days of the weeks, Friday’s and Saturday’s.

Cottages are readily available in Lincolnshire. These cottages include traditional thatched timber cottages, as well as farm buildings that have been renovated to beautiful quarters. Many of these cottages are on farms that may range to 200 acres. Some are detached while others may be an upstairs apartment. Cottages are furnished and may offer laundry facilities.

Travelers have been coming to Lincolnshire for many years in hope to escape reality, and it seems to have been working for many years. With the option to get into cottages visitors can now make Lincolnshire a second home so they have an escape from the busyness of life and be able to relax once and for all.

All across Lincolnshire people have traveled to and from whether they were coming to experience the country life or experience the many different recreational activities. There is much hidden behind this beautiful place that has lead many to come here for hundreds of years. Experience the beauty of Lincolnshire and finally have the chance to relax whether it’s in your own personal cottage or at one of the many hotels available across Lincolnshire.

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